SEMESTER THREE | Tuesdays | 7 - 9 pm | FEB 5 - MAR 19 / 2019

Beginning fall of 2018 through spring of 2019 we are so excited to announce that we'll be offering the Hillsong Ministry School curriculum for our School of Leadership!

The Curriculum consists of 4 x 7 week short courses in total, designed to help participants learn more about their faith and how to apply it to everyday life, how to study the Bible, explore theology and become more effective leaders.

Topics covered in Semester three'sā€™ course "Leadership - The Church & Your Leadership Journey" include learning effective leadership qualities and skills that can build your own life and the lives of others, seeing the kingdom of God move forward.

$100 each semester, 50% due upon registration & remainder due BEFORE class begins on Sept 18, 2018. Some scholarships available, up to 50% of semester price. Email for more info.