hope city young adults group leader | jess funk wednesdays, 7:30pm

Between 18 - 30? Looking for a place to connect with other people your age on more than just a casual level? Wanna go deeper? PERFECT, THIS is YOUR group! Come hang out, talk about life & all its issues, hang out & build relationships, HAVE FUN and….EAT! Message us below for more info or follow us on insta. (click the word insta to go STRAIGHT there.)


Financial peace university with dave ramsey                                                                                       GROUP LEADER | pastors jake & jenni (location - hope city hq)                                                       DAY - WEDNESDAYS, 7PM | COST - free                                                                                                              

Come join us in this life-changing 9 week course on finances with renowned financial expert; Dave Ramsey! Maybe you’ve never understood finances, maybe you were never really taught at home about it, maybe you have debt you’d love to climb out from under - then this is the class for you! We’ll watch a video each week and work through sheets ranging in everything from “How to create an emergency fund” to “Preparing & saving for retirement.”

how god makes men                                                                                                                                  GROUP LEADER | jeremy harden (location - abbotsford dennys)                                                          DAY - wednesdays, 7PM | COST $15 (FOR BOOK )

Sorry ladies, this group is JUST FOR MEN! Guys, come hang out at a manly diner, with other manly men, eating manly food and talk about man life with other…MEN! We’ll read our way through Patrick Morleys book, “How God Makes Men.” discussing it as we go & build new, deep relationships with each other outside of Sunday! .

great awakening group host | gary shutte & geof woodford (host home - shutte) wednesdays, 7pm

Have you ever wondered about what God is doing in these end times? What signs do we have about the return of Jesus? Do you wonder about pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib rapture? Is it possible that there is a clue in the Jewish feasts? Come enjoy rich times of fellowship & discussion on these topics!


intercessory prayer wednesdays, 9:30 am | CHURCH OFFICES

Do you feel a burden to pray? Then you would love to be part of our intercessory prayer group, come and join us as we lift up others in prayer together!


For safety reasons the door of the office is locked at 9:45AM, please ring the door bell if you’re late or text 778-808-9864. Also, For the 3rd week of each month this group joins with ASK prayer and meets at a different location, please email if you’re interested in attending or for more info.


group leader | priscilla laudon (host home - laudon ) thursdays, 7 - 9 pm

Priscilla likes to call this group “Koinonia” it’s greek word & means “fellowship.” A practical picture of this is found in the book of Acts with the early christians, they would gather & pray, talk about the Bible or spiritual issues and share meals together. We believe this is a great way to connect with one another & grow deeper in your spiritual walk!

group leader | Mike & leigh lee (host home - lees’) sundays, 6pm

If you ever want to be around people with a genuine passion for others, who love to gather around a table and talk, laugh & pray - then you NEED to meet the Lees. Your life will be genuinely bettered for spending time like this!